Tesla mobile app helps track and slow down Model X stolen at gunpoint

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Tesla’s mobile app provides a number of convenience features for owners, but can also prove to be a big advantage if your Tesla is ever stolen at gunpoint. That unfortunately happened to Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios, but with the help of the mobile app he was able to not only track his car after it was stolen, but also slow it down.

The incident occurred on Monday when a masked man appeared at Kyrgios’s house in Canberra demanding the keys to the Model X. The man allegedly pointed a gun at Kyrgios’s mother who had answered the door, also asking for a quick lesson on how to drive the electric SUV, according to court documents obtained by ABC News.

It was at that time the mother was able to run away and call for help from Kyrgios. After the suspect drove away, Kyrgios called police to let them know his car was just stolen. He then used the mobile app to inform police of the car’s precise whereabouts, and also limit its speed to 80km/h (50mph).

Within 16 minutes police had located the Model X, engaging in a short chase before calling it off as it became too dangerous after entering a school zone. But thanks to the mobile app police were able to locate the vehicle again a short time later, where the suspect was eventually tased and arrested.

The 32-year old man was charged with aggravated robbery, driving a vehicle without consent, failing to stop for police, driving while suspended and resisting a public official. He was denied bail and will appear in court later this month.


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