New Brembo Sensify braking system achieves higher precision [Video]

brembo sensify
Credit: Drive 615 | YouTube

Braking is one of the most important aspects of a car, and electric vehicles (EVs) are about to get better braking characteristics thanks to Brembo’s new Sensify System, offering more precision.

Sensify System is a brake-by-wire system that independently controls each corner using an electric motor. The system will enter production by 2024.

Brembo’s Sensify is a more advanced form of the anti-lock braking system that automakers have been using for decades. Car and Driver has tested the braking system, reporting that its “brake-pressure perturbations are so subtle that, unlike today’s anti-lock control where the pressure at each corner follows a sawtooth pattern, you can’t feel them.”

The test was done using a Tesla Model 3 Performance edition, including under wet conditions.

While it is clear that Sensify is an improvement over current braking systems, Brembo has not stated the improvement in stopping distance.

However, Brembo revealed it had been working on the principle behind Sensify for almost a decade. According to the company, the result is that Sensify reduces drag during braking to nearly zero. The packaging can be simplified because each corner is its own module. This makes the vehicle assembly process less complicated.

However, Sensify is more expensive than current braking setups.

While Brembo has worked out its timeline, it has not revealed which carmaker it is working with.

Here is a video from Drive 615 testing out Brembo Sensify braking system.

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