Three original untouched Tesla Roadsters discovered in shipping containers in China are now up for sale

In what could be described as the ultimate barn find for Tesla enthusiasts, three (yes three) brand new original Tesla Roadsters, untouched and forgotten for over a decade, have been discovered in China and are now up for sale.

According to Gruber Motor Company, a customer in China purchased three brand new, US-spec LHD Roadsters from Tesla back in 2010. The cars, one Radiant Red Sport Roadster and two Very Orange Roadsters (one sport and one base model), were then shipped to a dock in China, but were abandoned by the original buyer.

Since then, the Roadsters have sat in shipping containers at the port, accruing storage charges, untouched and unopened, with the footwells even still containing the paper covers found in many new cars today. Each car still has unopened boxes in the trunk, with brand new charge cables, and a large box outside the car, assumed to be a hard top with carrying case.

The unnamed seller who has somehow acquired the shipping containers has paid the storage charges, which accumulated into the six figures, and is now looking to recoup that money (and more) by selling the Roadsters, preferably as a collection, but they are also willing to split them up if necessary. If they don’t sell by mid-May the seller will bring them back to the US.

However, there are some unknowns with the cars, such as whether the ESS pack Service Plugs were pulled before shipment, and if they were, whether there is any life left in the packs after 13 years of storage. It is also unclear how many miles were on the odometers from testing/delivery of new Roadsters.

The owner is accepting bids at this time through Gruber Motor Company. If you are interested, or know someone who is, they can email their bid to Below are some photos of the incredible find, showing that they are not even dusty as they were in sealed shipping containers. Some specs on each vehicle are also below.



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