Tesla Megapack System Deployed to Minimize Impact of Power Shutoff in Foresthill, CA

A Tesla Megapack system has been deployed to minimize the impact of a planned power shutoff in Foresthill, California. There are 14 consumers connected to the grid, including a school, a water agency, and a gas station, who can continue to receive electricity during potential events.

Tesla Megapack to create a more resilient grid

As part of efforts to create a more resilient grid and minimize the impact of power outages, PG&E is testing the use and integration of alternative power generation solutions. The provider is piloting a Mainspring Linear generator powered by green hydrogen and the Tesla Megapack Mobile Battery Energy Storage System. The Tesla battery is used in conjunction with the solar at PG&E’s Foresthill, California distribution microgrid.

14 PG&E customers to be powered by Foresthill’s Microgrid

Foresthill’s microgrid includes 14 PG&E customers, according to a press release. Among them are Foresthill High School (which also owns the onsite 175 Kw solar PV array), a water agency (which also owns the onsite 60 Kw solar PV array), a wellness center, church, gas station, market, post office, bank, and some other businesses, facilities, and community services. All of them may continue to have power during potential PSPS events impacting the area in 2023. PG&E said distribution services will be carried over underground power lines. They are considered safe to supply electricity, while overhead power lines may be turned off for safety reasons.

The test showed the reliability of the Tesla Megapack

PG&E conducted a 48-hour system test beginning August 18. It determined that the system was capable of providing electricity to consumers within an isolated microgrid for up to 48 hours. The system is used as an alternative to diesel generators.

“Together, with Tesla and Vince Segal Electric, we’ve created a one-stop solution: a trailer-mounted transportable battery energy storage system that can be quickly deployed and rapidly interconnected for immediate customer benefit, and we are proud to be pioneering the use of existing solar infrastructure that has significant promise for the integration of clean energy to support community resiliency as a new grid architecture,” said Ron Richardson, Vice President, Electric Distribution Operations at PG&E.

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