NIO produces 300,000th car

NIO has reached a milestone as its 300,00th car rolled off the assembly line. The EV maker has delivered 273,741 units since it started production.

The 300,000th car was a blue ET5 sedan produced at NIO’s NeoPark factory, despite having to deal with ramp-up issues and shutting down two factories due to COVID restrictions.

The Chinese EV maker doubled its production within a single calendar year. It manufactured its 200,000th car on April 26th, 2022, about four years after making its first car in 2018.

NIO has ridden on the increasing popularity of smart new energy vehicles (NEVs) in China. The share of new electric cars has risen from 4.9 percent in 2019 to 27.4 percent last month.

It grabbed more than 30 percent in the best month ever.

NIO claims to command over 70 percent of BEVs costing more than RMB 400,000 (US$57,320) in the first eleven months of 2022.

The company’s global footprint has increased significantly. It operates 395 NIO Spaces and NIO Houses worldwide and 1,263 battery-swapping stations. NIO also maintains 12,785 charging piles.

Customers have six NIO models to choose from in China, including the ES8, ES6, and EC6, all based on its NT 1.0 platform. It also sells the NT 2.0 platform-based ES7, ET7, and ET5.

The ET5 is manufactured at the NeoPark, but the rest are made in partnership with JAC Group. It has partnered with Tencent to work on self-driving technology.

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