Tesla Megapack in the UK helps balance grid and reduce balancing costs

A recently installed Tesla Megapack system in the UK has for the first time helped balance supply and demand in the region’s electricity grid.

The six Megapack batteries with a combined capacity of 15Mwh store energy which can then be used during peak demand periods to help reduce costs.

Grid balancing costs in the UK have been particularly high as of late with more people than usual staying home and working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the period of March to July, the UK Nation Grid reported balancing costs of £718 million ($1.2 billion CAD), a nearly 40% increase from the same time period in the previous year.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Tesla Megapack was successfully used to help balance the grid and reduce the associated balancing costs for the first time this week.

Earlier this year, Tesla filed an application and was officially approved for a licence that allows them to supply electricity in the United Kingdom (UK) using their new Autobidder system.

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