Tesla may be backing US LFP Battery Manufacturing Deal

According to reporting by Electrek, Tesla is potentially the large automaker that landed a deal with Gotion High-Tech. Gotion High-Tech is a Chinese-based battery cell producer who announced an agreement with a US automaker earlier this week.

The announcement by Gotion High-Tech came from a recent filing with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The filing noted that the company entered into an agreement to supply a minimum of 200 GWh of LFP batteries to a US automaker between 2023 and 2028.

Volkswagen owns stock in Gotion but is not a US automaker by definition.

The filing continues to explain that there is a possibility of a joint-venture for a US-based LFP battery factory. Tesla is not new to joint-ventures, as they currently are in one with Panasonic at the Nevada Gigafactory.

However, Electrek noted that they are not sure that Tesla is the automaker in question. However, the company described the partner, and Tesla matches this description.

In addition, rumours are already circulating that Tesla is involved in the deal as there are not many US automakers who could use 200 GWh of battery cells in the near term. Ford and GM already have existing joint-venture battery plants, and their assembly lines are far from producing enough EV’s to garner that much power. Other options like Rivian or Lucid seem to face the same issues.

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