Tesla lowers Model 3 and Model Y prices in Japan


Tesla has lowered prices for the Model 3 and Model Y in Japan. The price cuts come after similar moves in Australia and China earlier this week.

According to Tesla’s online configurator in Japan, prices for the Model 3 have dropped by about 3%, while prices for the Model Y have been lowered by about 4%. The price reductions bring both electric vehicles (EVs) to their lowest price points ever in the country when combined with local incentives, Tesla explained when announcing the price cuts. (via Reuters)

The entry-level Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive now starts at ¥‎5,245,600, or about C$48,100/US$36,200. The Long Range now starts at ¥‎6,268,600 (C$57,500/US$43,300), while the Performance is priced at ¥‎7,005,600 (C$64,300/US$48,400).

Here are the Model Y price reductions. (via @Tslachan)

  • Model Y RWD : ¥5,637,000 (from: ¥5,834,600)
  • Model Y LR : ¥6,526,000 (from: ¥6,760,600)
  • Model Y P : ¥7,279,000 (from: ¥7,544,600)

Interestingly, the Model Y LR has only been available to order in Japan since April, with the first deliveries taking place last month.

Unlike the price reductions in China, there were no changes to pricing for the Model S or the Model X.

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