Tesla raises Supercharger fees in the US

Canadians Tesla owners aren’t the only ones experiencing increases in Supercharger fees as the automaker has also raised fees in the US this week by about 20%.

Tesla appears to have increased the rates on or about May 10, when Tesla enthusiast @TeslaJoy noted on Twitter that the Redondo Beach Supercharger fees had increased to $0.58/kWh during the peak period of 11:00am to 9:00pm. Joy did not state what the previous rate was, but said it was more than double what it was when she first received her Model 3 in 2018.


The actual increase appears to be about 20%, with other Twitter users noting similar increases at their local Superchargers. Twitter user @King1Nine said his local Supercharger in California increased from $0.37 to $0.44, an 18.9% increase.

Increases were also spotted by owners on Reddit, with u/sd_pl sharing that the Malibu Supercharger now costs $0.58 per kWh during the peak period, up 20.8% from the previous rate of $0.48. Increased fees were not limited to California as owners on the east coast in Florida and New Jersey shared stories of similar price increases.

While a 20% increase in Supercharger fees is a substantial increase, they are still well below what Canadians were recently subjected to. In March Tesla shifted to a four-tier fee structure like in the US, which resulted in Supercharging bills being two or even three times as expensive as before.

The change generated a lot of negative feedback, which Tesla appears to have heard. Also earlier this week the rates were adjusted slightly, with the higher tiers seeing a decrease in fees, while the lower tiers saw an increase. The overall effect should be a decrease, but not enough to reduce it to what it was in March.

Let us know in the comments below if your local Supercharger fees have also increased.

Tesla adjusts Supercharger fees in Canada in response to criticism after massive increases

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