Tesla slashes Model 3 and Model Y prices in Australia, Model S and X in China

Tesla is starting quarter three with another massive price drop on the Model Y and Model 3 in Australia. With the new $3,500 price drop, the two vehicles are the cheapest they have ever been in the country. Thanks to The Driven, we have the new prices (all in Australian dollars).

The new price of the Model 3 in Australia is now:

  • Tesla Model 3 RWD- $57,400
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD- $70,400
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD- $83,400

While the Model Y new prices are:

  • Tesla Model Y RWD- $65,400
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD- $78,400
  • Tesla Model Y Performance AWD- $91,400

In China, per Bloomberg, Tesla has cut its Model X and Model S prices by 4.5 per cent. All of the variants will be lowered between 35,000 yen and 45,000 yen. This is an addition to the $8,000 cash subsidy in the country. We have not seen any other price cuts at other brands yet, but we may see them over the weekend.

The move is aggressive by Tesla, but we should not be surprised. Australia and China are on pace for a record year in terms of EV sales, and Tesla is looking to cement its foothold in both states before BYD and other competitors out of China can gain market share.

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