Tesla Light Show World Record Set with 250+ Cars

The Tesla Light Show world record has been broken with over 250 cars. The cars from all over Europe came together to create the unforgettable performance, providing everyone with a positive experience.

Last year, Tesla expanded the light show feature. The company’s vehicles can play the same song and synchronize headlights, turn signals, and taillights. Some of the models can even open the doors and trunk, and raise and lower windows. This excellent performance can bring joy to any meeting. The Tesla Light Show really brings a lot of positive emotions, but until recently, it has never been this large-scale.

Tesla owner and electric vehicle enthusiast Timo Schadt hosted the grand meeting in Hamm, Germany. The event was open to owners of all electric vehicles, but it was dominated by Tesla cars. 255 Tesla vehicles from different European countries displayed a grandiose light show, accompanied by a new interpretation of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song “Can’t Stop” by the Baltic House Orchestra. For almost two minutes, the parking lot turned into a concert stage where all the cars synchronized and put on an incredible show.

The impressive show was also marked by a special achievement. To date, it became the largest light show involving Tesla cars in history. Previously, the record was achieved at the 2023 Tesla Takeover event in San Luis Obispo, California. At that time, 170 Tesla cars were involved. They were designed in the silhouette of a Cybertruck in honor of the most anticipated vehicle in recent years. The cars were synchronized to the music “The Final Countdown,” symbolizing the imminent start of deliveries of the electric pickup truck.


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