Tesla Approaches 8,000 Model Ys Delivered in Türkiye in 5 Months

Tesla is approaching delivery of 8,000 Model Ys in Türkiye just months after entering the market. If the manufacturer continues with the same speed through September, it could register a new record for the highest number of deliveries in five months in the country.

Tesla Model Y is a major winner of hearts around the world. The car is extremely popular in all regions and is Tesla’s best-selling model. Recently, the company also began delivering Model Y to Türkiye, where it was a huge success.

According to a report by the local publication LOG, citing local journalist Emre Özpeynirci, Tesla is showing excellent sales results in Türkiye. As of late August, about 5,000 Model Ys had been delivered in the country. Özpeynirci said more than 3,000 vehicles are scheduled to be delivered in September. This would mean that by the end of this month, more than 8,000 Model Ys would be delivered. The local team is also aiming to deliver an additional 2,000 vehicles in October to reach the milestone. If Tesla can deliver more than 10,000 vehicles between May and October, it will set a new record for delivering the most vehicles in five months in the country.

Tesla is not a member of the Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD) in the Turkish automobile market. Therefore, company data is not transferred to the organization and it is difficult to calculate the exact number of cars sold. However, specialized publications track the company’s sales. The data show that today Tesla is the brand that sells the most electric vehicles in Türkiye.

To date, Model Y is the only model that Tesla delivers to Türkiye. The company delivers it in all colors that roll off the Giga Berlin assembly line. The first deliveries began on May 8. In addition to opening the order configurator and making the first Model Y deliveries, Tesla also began building charging infrastructure. The company has officially launched four Supercharger sites. Two of them are located in the Asia Minor part of Turkiye, one is in Istanbul, located near the shores of the Bosphorus, and one is in the European part of Türkiye. Superchargers are creating a corridor connecting the country with other European countries.

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