Tesla Plans to Restart Production at Giga Berlin Next Week After Terrorist Attack on Region

Tesla intends to restart production at Giga Berlin as quickly as it can following the terrorist attack that affected the entire region. Local officials have already condemned the extremists’ actions, which resulted in loss of electricity to critical infrastructure and households.

Production in Giga Berlin was stopped and the factory evacuated on Tuesday due to a terrorist attack on nearby power lines. The left-wing extremist Volcano Group claimed responsibility for the attack, which cut off power not only to the Gigafactory but also to nearby villages and towns. In the letter, which has been deemed credible by law enforcement, the group calls for the “total destruction of the Gigafactory.” Terrorists believe that Tesla is usurping the resources, people, and labor of the Earth to produce its cars.

Giga Berlin evacuated all of its workers to ensure their safety. The damage caused to Tesla is already about one billion dollars and continues to grow with each day of a shutdown. In a post on X, the company wrote that it would resume production as quickly as possible, which according to what Drive Tesla has been told, will take place no sooner than Monday, March 11, 2024.

However, it was not only Giga Berlin that suffered from the attack. After a high-voltage pole was damaged, electricity was lost to residents, hospitals, police stations, and other critical facilities. This significantly increased the negative effect, causing anger and indignation among both local residents and politicians.

“Today, thousands of people were deliberately cut off from essential services and put in danger. This will have consequences,” said Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stübgen. “When it comes to terrorism, there is no mercy; this also applies to eco-terrorism. The rule of law will react harshly.”

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke said it was “clearly a serious attack on our critical infrastructure with consequences for thousands of people as well as many small and large companies in our state. Attacks on critical infrastructure are a ‘form of terrorism’.”

Brandenburg’s Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach wrote on X: “This is an escalation that cannot be tolerated in any way and that people, employees and companies in the region are suffering from.” He also wants to improve safety at the factory. “What is possible will definitely be strengthened,” he said earlier at a press conference at Giga Berlin. “We looked at where critical infrastructure is.”

Federal Home Affairs Minister Nancy Faeser said: “An attack like this on our electricity infrastructure is a serious crime that cannot be justified in any way. Violence and sabotage should not be used as a means of confrontation.”

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