Tesla launches new referral rewards, brings back Cybertruck raffle and factory tours

Tesla deployed a fairly significant update to its referral program on Thursday night, launching some new rewards and bringing back some favourites. Unfortunately, most of them are not open to Canadians and only available in the US.

Cybertruck Sweepstakes

One of the more notable additions is the return of the Cybertruck sweepstakes, even though Tesla hasn’t announced the winner of the first time this was available. As with last time this is not open to Canadians, but our friends in the US can redeem 1,000 credits for an entry to win a Foundation Series Cybertruck – no reservation required. The winner will be selected in April.

Accelerated Cybertruck Delivery

If you really can’t wait to take delivery of a Cybertruck (if you live in the US), you can now redeem 30,000 credits, or the equivalent of three referrals, to accelerate your delivery. According to the description of the item in the mobile app, you will be invited to configure your Foundation Series Cybertruck (AWD or Cyberbeast) within 45 days of redeeming your credits.

This one obviously requires a reservation, but it looks like you could place an order for one today, redeem the credits, and configure your Cybertruck within the next 45 days, speeding up the process by likely two years or more.

This item does however appear to be limited. Using the same verbiage with some other reward items, Tesla suggests this item will be removed after a certain number of people redeem, saying, “if you miss your chance to claim, check back later.”

Demo Drive Credits

Another US only addition was an increase to the number of credits you earn when referring someone for a demo drive. Previously you could only earn 100 credits, but until March March 1, 2024 that has been increased to 1,000 credits.

If you want to book a demo drive with our referral link, click here.

Factory Tours

Finally, the last item added last night was factory tours, and yes, this one is actually open to Canadians. The last time these were available was just last month, and the terms and conditions are the same as before. A tour of Fremont or Giga Texas will cost 10,000 credits, and that only covers the tour itself – travel, accommodation, food, etc. are not included.

All of these are available in the referral section of the mobile app, where you can read the full descriptions with all the details.

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