Tesla launches CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set and CyberOpener

Tesla has added two new products to its online store on Thursday with the addition of a CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set and a CyberOpener. Unfortunately the set is only available in the US and not available to purchase on the Canadian store due to restrictions on shipping alcohol over the border, but Canadians can purchase the CyberOpener.

Tesla first got into the alcohol game with the launch of Tesla Tequila in late 2020. The product came in a uniquely designed bottle in the shape of a lightning bolt, and as with most Tesla product launched sold out quickly. Unfortunately Canadians couldn’t purchase the Tequila, but soon after Tesla announced they would sell the empty bottle in Canada, known as the Tesla Decanter.

The company then ventured into selling beer with the launch of GigaBier earlier this year. This time the product was only available in Europe, and came with three small bottles designed to “emulate the form of the Cybertruck while honoring the 500-year tradition of German Reinheitsgebot beermaking.” The beer inside the bottles was brewed in Berlin.

Now Tesla is launching another beer product in the US. The CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set features two 11.2oz beer bottles (7% ABV) that have the same design as the GigaBier bottles, but feature the Cybertruck font with the word ‘Cyberbeer’ on the side, along with two matte black ceramic beer steins. The design of both emulate the Cybertruck again, with Tesla saying the set “celebrates the angular exoskeleton of Cybertruck.”

According to the product listing the beer is brewed and bottled in California by Buzzrock Brewing Co. and contains a “Helles Lager with European Noble Hops Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh.” All of this can be yours for US$150, and the first orders are expected to begin shipping later this month.

You can buy your limited edition set here .

Along with the CyberBeer, Tesla also added a bottle opener, called the CyberOpener, that looks a lot like the Cyberwhistle.

“Inspired by Cybertruck, the Tesla CyberOpener is crafted from 316L stainless steel, mirroring the angular form and strength of the body of Cybertruck. Sand polished with honed edges for an extra smooth finish.”

The CyberOpener costs $70 in Canada and $50 in the US.

CyberOpener – Canada
CyberOpener – USA


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