Tesla takes big chunk of EV sales in the US

Earlier this month we reported that electric vehicle sales in Canada have soared in 2019, with Tesla accounting for 38% of all EV sales in Canada (33% of that was the Model 3), certainly an impressive number. Now recent numbers out of the US show just how popular Tesla, and in particular, the Model 3 is there.

In the US, Tesla made up between 75% to 85% of EV sales, from the same period of January to September. Of that, the Model 3 ate up 60%-70% of those sales, with the Model S and Model X making up the remaining 20% of sales, shared almost evenly between the two.

The fact that Tesla makes up such a huge segment of EV sales in the US and Canada shows just how much of a lead Tesla has over legacy automakers who are just beginning to enter the EV arena, like Porsche, Mazda, Volvo, and Ford, to name a few. Another key piece to the EV puzzle that puts Tesla way ahead of any competition is its massively built-out charging infrastructure, with over 12,000 Supercharger stations worldwide, any many coming online recently in Canada.

h/t [ibtimes]

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