Tesla Invites Destination Charging Property Owners to Host Self-Serve Demo Drives

Tesla is extending an opportunity to property owners who have invested in Tesla Destination Charging stations by inviting them to host self-serve demo drives. This initiative is designed to enhance the value of these properties while simultaneously promoting awareness and adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

According to an email sent to these property owners, shared on X by Sawyer Merritt, Tesla will provide up to four of their demo vehicles to these properties at no cost. This not only enhances the property’s offering but also serves as a hands-on experience for guests and visitors to explore the world of Tesla.

Tesla makes the proposition enticing with its simplicity. The company will handle all aspects of scheduling, managing, and maintaining these self-serve demo drive appointments and vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the property owners.

Statistics reveal that current site hosts average over 35 demo drives per week, highlighting the potential foot traffic and exposure for the participating properties. The opportunity for property owners to tap into this audience is significant. As Tesla puts it, hosting these demo drives opens a gateway to additional revenue streams. Visitors who come for the demo drives are likely to utilize other on-site amenities, turning a simple visit into a multifaceted experience, benefiting both the visitors and the property.

Self-Serve Demo Drives are as the name implies. Launched last year, the program offers a unique and convenient way for potential customers to experience by allowing them to directly book a test drive at participating locations. Once a booking is made, participants are required to set up a Tesla account, which provides keyless access to the demo vehicle. Additionally, users can input their driver’s license details directly into the Tesla app, simplifying the verification process.

The program is available in a limited number of cities across the US. None have appeared in Canada thus far.

Tesla has for a long time collaborated with private property owners to offer Destination Chargers. For the most part the Destination Chargers are free for Tesla owners to use, however in 2022 Tesla allowed hosts to bill owners for using the chargers thanks to the WiFi connectivity in the latest generation of Wall Connectors. In order to do so however, they must have at least six charging points.

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