Tesla introduces new Supercharger incentives in China, but with caveat

Tesla is running a promotion in China that will see customers get free Supercharging worth 5,000 km. However, there are conditions; a time limit and a limited number of spaces, according to the company’s Weibo post.

Tesla’s new method to stay competitive in the fierce Chinese EV market is to offer free Supercharging to new car buyers. However, the buyers have to put in their orders before June 20 and are actually competing for only 140 slots.

The incentives are not for new car buyers alone. Other owners that change two Goodyear tires at any of Tesla’s service centers will earn 600 km of Supercharging. Replacing four tires doubles the Supercharging allowance to 1,200 km. However, the replace-tires-for-Supercharging promo will only last a month and is sponsored by Goodyear. 

Before this new wave of perks, Tesla China had announced that buyers of Model 3 and Model Y made before June 30 would qualify for a zero down payment scheme. This was later expanded to allow customers purchasing select Model 3 and Model Y versions to choose between zero down payment and zero-interest loan incentives.

Tesla sold 62,167 cars in China in April, with about half of them exported, meaning its local sales for that month were almost half of March. The company has filed for regulatory approval in the largest Asian auto market. It will also reportedly test robotaxi in China.

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