Cars can now be ticketed $125 for parking in EV charging spots in Ontario

Public EV charging station

Have you ever pulled up to a public charging space, only to find it occupied by an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, leaving you unable to charge your EV? For drivers in Ontario, there is finally some official action that can take place, as a new bill from the Green Party was passed into law today.

Under the new law, ICE drivers who park in an EV charging spot can be fined $125. The same rules apply to EVs that park in EV charging spots, but don’t charge their vehicle and instead use it as a prime parking spot which is typically close to the entrance of a mall.

Eaton Centre Supercharger
A common scene at the Eaton Centre Supercharger. Photo by @themuskbros on Twitter

The bill was brought forward by government House Leader MPP Paul Calandra for first reading on June 4, and moved forward by Whitby Progressive Conservative MPP Lorne Coe, co-sponsored by Guelph MPP and Green leader, Mike Schreiner, according to the CBC.

The changes go into effect immediately, but tickets likely won’t be handed out right away as those enforcing the new law are brought up to speed.

Hopefully this change in Ontario triggers other provinces to look at the issue of being ICE’d at a charging spot, as it is something that affects Canadians from coast-to-coast, and is certainly not limited to Ontario.

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