Tesla increases salaries by 12.5%, but cuts delivery bonuses for sales & delivery employees: Report

Tesla has reportedly increased the base salaries for sales and delivery employees while at the same time eliminating bonuses that were tied to the company’s quarterly delivery figures.

According to a report by Electrek, salaries for these employees have been increased by 12.5%. The publication notes that the increase might not be enough to make up for the cancellation of the bonuses, which it says could have been as much as 25% on their base salaries.

That would be especially true if employees chose to take the bonus in the form of stock options instead of cash, which could be cashed out on a predetermined vesting schedule.

While it might result in a pay cut for some employees, it will also result less stress during the typical end-of-quarter rush to meet the delivery targets.

Some of that pressure came from CEO Elon Musk, who would famously send emails to help motivate employees in the final weeks of a quarter.

However, Musk has changed his tune as of late, asking employees to focus less on getting as many cars out of the door as possible and instead try to minimize the cost of deliveries.

Elon Musk asks employees to be ‘efficient’ in end of quarter email

Source: Electrek

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