Tesla increases number of referral credits earned for demo drives

For a limited time Tesla is increasing the number referral credits you can earn when someone schedules a demo drive through your referral link.

Earlier this year Tesla expanded their referral program, giving owners the opportunity to earn referral credits not only when they sell cars, but also when someone signs up for a demo drive. The amount of credits earned for a successful demo drive sign up wasn’t much, at 100 credits, but you could earn that up to 60 times per calendar year, as opposed to 12 vehicle referrals, for a total of 6,000 credits.

Now for a limited time Tesla has increased the amount of referral credits for a demo drive to 500. Tesla has not officially announced the change on social media, but according to an update to the app spotted earlier this week by one of our readers Jesse Lee, this offer is only valid until December 1, 2023. It is also only valid on your next three referred demo drives.

If you would like to schedule a demo drive, Canadians can use this referral link, while our friends in the US can use this referral link. They are different as you need to enter your postal code or ZIP code when scheduling your demo drive.

To give out your demo drive referral link, you can either use the mobile app, or visit the landing page of your referral link and you will see a new Demo Drive button (see image above) that will take you to a page where someone can schedule a demo drive in their area. And there’s the added bonus that if they end up buying a car after using your referral link to schedule their demo drive, you will automatically get the referral credits for the purchase as well.

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