Tesla referral credits can now be earned with demo drives

Tesla has expanded their referral program again, this time allowing owners to earn referral credits when they get someone to sign up and complete a demo drive.

According to an update to the referral program support page, you can earn referral credits when someone takes their first referred demo drive. This update is also now reflected in the mobile app, revealing that each completed referred demo drive will earn you 100 credits. The fine print also says that you won’t be able to earn referral credits when an existing owner signs up for a demo drive through your referral link.

And if the Demo Drive is a success, you will automatically earn referral credits when they purchase their new Tesla.

If you would like to schedule a demo drive, Canadians can use this referral link, while our friends in the US can use this referral link. They are different as you need to enter your postal code/ZIP code when scheduling your demo drive.

The update to the referral program was first announced by Taylor Robinette, Digital Product Leader at Tesla.

To get your demo drive referral link, you can either use the mobile app, or visit the landing page of your referral link and you will see a new Demo Drive button (see image above) that will take you to a page where someone can schedule a demo drive in their area.

While it is a nice bonus, 100 credits won’t get you much. The “cheapest” reward you can redeem your credits for is a shirt or Model 3/Y Center Console Trays for 500 credits. Here is a list we compiled of all the awards in the Tesla Referral program, ranked from most to least cost effective (number of credits required per $).

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