New leaked photo from Gigfactory 3 shows Model 3 units near completion

If you’ve been following along with the construction of the new Gigafactory 3 in China, you know it has been a record-setting pace of construction. Even though everyone said it was impossible to build a factory of this scale in such a short amount of time, a new leaked picture has emerged showing that the initial goal of full production by the end of October 2019 is likely to be reached.

Twitter user Vincent shared a picture sent to him anonymously showing numerous Tesla Model 3 units, purportedly from inside the new Gigafactory 3, in various states of completion.

Previous leaked photos from a few weeks ago showed Model 3’s on the production line where just the frame was visible. Now we can clearly see that these Model 3’s are much nearer completion, in the traditional colour options available from Tesla.

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