New 99MW Tesla Megapack facility begins construction as 34MW facility goes online in the UK

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures BV and Harmony Energy Ltd. have announced the start of construction on what will become the largest battery energy storage facility in the United Kingdom.

The facility, know as the Clay Tye site, will be able to store up to 99 megawatts (MW) using Tesla’s Megapack batteries. Construction is expected to be complete in early 2023.

Located near Essex, the 99MW/198MWh site will store energy from renewable sources like solar and wind. The batteries will be called upon to provide energy when there is not enough sun or wind, and during peak periods of demand, reports Bloomberg.

Tesla’s Autobidder software will be used to help balance the grid. Tesla describes the software as providing companies “a real-time trading and control platform” for their energy needs.

The new Megapack storage facilities comes at a time when the UK has been experiencing sudden energy price increases. Earlier this week prices spiked to record highs as renewable energy from wind dipped, forcing providers to switch to expensive coal and gas production.

At the same time, the companies announced a recently completed 34-megawatt (MW) facility is now online. The Contego facility in West Essex consists of 28 Tesla Megapack batteries, and also uses the Autobidder software, according to a report from PV Magazine.


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