Tesla implements Supercharging fees in Taiwan

Tesla Model 3 Supercharger

Tesla owners in Taiwan are no longer able to juice up for free as the automaker has implemented fees at all of its Supercharger stations across the country.

Beginning yesterday, drivers pulling up to charge will now have to pay up NT$9.70/kWh ($0.45 CAD), depending on the location and time of the day.

There are 23 Superchargers currently open in Taiwan, and almost all of them have differing rates. At the Taitung City Supercharger, drivers are charged a flat fee of NT$8.00/kWh. At the Taiching – J Mall location, Tesla has implemented a time-of-day pricing structure, similar to what we saw occur in the US earlier this year.

Adding Supercharger fees follows the implementation of idle fees in June. To help combat idle time Tesla began charging drivers up to NT$30 ($1.38 CAD) per minute if they stayed longer than 5 minutes after their session stopped and the station was full.

If 50% or less of the Supercharger stalls are occupied, the idle fee is reduced to NT$15 ($0.69 CAD) per minute.

h/t: Focus Taiwan

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