Kia bumps 2024 EV9 discounts up to $7,000 in the US

Kia has been promoting the 2024 EV9 with discounts recently, and buyers of the three-row SUV can now get up to $7,000 off in the US.

The South Korean automaker bumped up the discount on the EV9 from $3,500 to $5,000 earlier this month. It brought down the $56,395 SUV to a more affordable $51,395. However, a new set of discounts will see an additional $2,000 loped off the selling price, making the EV cost $49,395, according to Cars Direct.

The new price reductions include a $1,000 loyalty discount and another less publicized dealer discount of $1,000.

Leasing customers can score a $7,500 discount on the selling price of the EV9. Kia sweetened the leasing deal further with a new rate of 2.49%, with monthly payments reduced by $20.

The Kia EV9 is an excellent option, offering an attractive design and up to 304 miles of driving range. It is proving so popular that some dealers are adding markups of up to $7,000, effectively canceling out the discounts offered by Kia, despite Kia’s urging against the practice.

It is also worth noting that the EV9 currently does not qualify for the US federal tax EV incentives. However, Kia plans to move the production to the US, meaning the SUV might qualify later.

In Canada, the Kia EV9 starts from C$59,995, with several rebates knocking off $12,000.

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