Tesla FSD vs Waymo: how do they compare driving to the same destination? [Video]

Waymo FSD
Image via Whole Mars Catalog /YouTube

Sometimes referred to as the industry leader, much has been said about Waymo’s autonomous driving capabilities compared to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta.

Waymo currently operates its driverless taxi’s in a limited area in Arizona. Tesla’s FSD beta can travel on any road, but it is limited to only about 1,000 testers, making comparisons difficult.

That’s where FSD beta tester @WholeMarsBlog comes in, who ventured to Arizona to compare the two self-driving vehicles.

Two tests were conducted, both with interesting results.

Drive to Taco Bell

The first was to a Taco Bell. Both cars were able to get to their destination with zero disengagements, but Waymo dropped @WholeMarsBlog on the wrong side of the street.

Drive to Safeway

The second test was a trip to Safeway. Both cars again made it to the destination with no disengagements, but the Waymo minivan took a very different route (less difficult) which made the trip nearly 3 minutes longer than in the Tesla.

While the Waymo minivan was able to get to both destinations, its map-based limitations were evident when attempting to find one.

It also came up with some very interesting routes based on its inability to perform standard driving maneuvers like a left turn.

You can watch the full real-time video below comparing the two self-driving systems on their drive to Safeway.

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