Tesla FSD Beta wide release to everyone “in about a month” as total distance driven approaches 60 million miles

If you have purchased the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package but have not yet received FSD Beta, it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer. According to CEO Elon Musk the program will expand to everyone with a wide release “in about a month.”

Musk provided the new timeline on the Q3 2022 earnings call this afternoon, a few hours after Tesla published their Q3 2022 earnings and shareholder deck.

Musk had previously said the FSD Beta wide release would happen before the end of the year. As with any timeline Musk provides there is a chance it will happen later than that, but this is the clearest timeline yet for when it will actually take place, putting a potential wide release in mid-November.

Part of the reason Tesla believes it will be able to allow anyone who has purchased FSD to download FSD Beta is the total distance driven by owners with the feature engaged.

According to Tesla the 160,000 FSD Beta participants have driven nearly 60 million miles since the program launched in October 2020, according to an update in the Q3 2022 shareholder deck.

That is nearly double the amount that was driven when Tesla first released these figures in July, and with a wide release that number is only going to grow exponentially higher next year.

While Musk is planning for a wide release, it will still be a year or more before the car will be able to operate without a human sitting in the driver’s seat as that will require regulatory approval, which as Musk pointed out on the call is out of their control.

However, the CEO said the software is close to being good enough that you will almost never have to touch the vehicle controls.

If you haven’t already purchased FSD, it is going to cost you over $20,000 in Canada when you add the taxes payable on the purchase. Tesla increased the price of the software package earlier this year to $19,500 in Canada and $15,000 in the US.

Tesla increases price of FSD by over 50% in Canada, 25% in the US, and raises price of EAP too

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