Tesla FSD beta 10 shines on the streets of Berkeley, California

Since Tesla released its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software in October last year, the team developers and engineers have been working tirelessly to push 10 updates in less than 3 months.

Last weekend FSD beta 10 was pushed to testers in the US. Shortly after its debut, CEO Elon Musk responded to one of the first beta testers, John from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley,  calling it “a good one.”

If anything, Musk may have been downplaying the improvements in the latest build based on its performance in Berkeley, California in this video from FSD beta tester AIDRIVR.

One of the more impressive and interesting changes with this update was an interaction with pedestrians. As noted in the video, Tesla’s Autopilot currently only reacts to pedestrians already in its path. Yet with FSD beta 10, it appears the car can now predict their path as it reacted and stopped for pedestrians well before they entered the crosswalk (probably too early).

FSD beta 10

Another impressive incident from the video shows how much the self-driving software can mimic human behaviour. When approaching a right hand turn, the traffic light changes to red right as the Model S reaches the intersection. Since cross-traffic hadn’t yet started to move, the car continued through the red light to make the turn.

FSD beta 10 right turn on red

The video is quite long at nearly 20 minutes, but if you have the time it is definitely worth the watch. You will even get to see FSD beta perform its first ever u turn.

Check it out below.

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