Tesla Model S transformed into stunning 2-door convertible


Over the weekend images of a stunning convertible Tesla Model S went viral on Twitter, with thousands liking and sharing the unique creation.

Now we’re learning a bit more about the bespoke Model S, created by the luxury Italian design house Ares Design.

Commissioned by an unnamed customer, the transformation involved a lot more than just cutting off the roof. The team at Ares Design performed work on the body, chassis, aerodynamics, and built a custom interior.

To facilitate the 2-door conversion, the rear doors and B-pillars were removed to allow for custom longer front doors. A new rear trunk also had to be custom designed to provide enough room for the fabric roof.

Keeping safety in mind, the chassis was reinforced and strengthened at the side members, beneath the cockpit and rear seating area.

The design also included a custom carbon fiber aero kit and leather interior. Since it was originally a four door sedan, the rear seats for the new configuration were also custom made.

The only thing missing from all the photos provided by Ares Design is what the custom Model S looks like with the roof up. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Check out the full gallery of photos, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

h/t: Autoblog