Tesla filing hints expansion at Fremont factory might be underway

Credit: Tesla

Tesla may have committed to building a new Gigafactory in Mexico, but that is not stopping it from expanding its existing facilities. According to filings submitted, the American EV maker plans improvements and possible new manufacturing space at its Fremont Factory, as Teslarati reports.

The documents suggest that the automaker will bring in new tools on the factory’s first floor, where vehicle assembly happens. Additionally, Tesla is moving industrial vehicles and chargers to another location, potentially creating more space on the second floor, where battery manufacturing occurs. Last year, it was revealed that Tesla was manufacturing Cybertruck battery packs on the factory’s second floor. With the Cybertruck moving closer to production, Tesla may need additional room to manufacture battery packs for shipment to Texas, where the electric pickup will be produced.

The Fremont Factory was Tesla’s initial production facility, but as the company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities, it has outgrown the space. To accommodate growth, Tesla has used temporary sprung structures, which have now become permanent. However, CEO Elon Musk did state before that the company was considering expanding the plant.

Tesla currently operates Gigafactories in three countries on three continents; the US, China, and Germany, where it was working to add a fourth shift.

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