Tesla Faces Investigation in Norway Over Model S and Model X Suspension Failures

Tesla is under scrutiny by Norway’s traffic safety regulator, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA), over suspension failures in its Model S and X vehicles. The NPRA launched their inquiry in September 2022, prompted by more than 10 customer reports about lower rear control arms breaking, according to Senior engineer Tor-Ove Satren.

The NPRA has requested Tesla to assess consumer complaints regarding the control arm failures, and a decision, expected by Christmas, could result in a recall of all model years of the S and X vehicles if deemed a “serious risk.” The agency has the authority to order a recall if Tesla refuses to comply, Satren told Reuters.

This investigation comes on the heels of a Reuters report claiming Tesla has been blaming drivers for suspension and steering failures allegedly known to be defective. The report claims Tesla sought to reduce repair costs by attributing the issues to “driver abuse,” as detailed in documents and interviews with former employees.

Tesla, facing rising warranty costs, has reportedly modified the lower rear control arm. However, Satren notes that many cars with these issues are still on the road, posing potential safety risks. The NPRA’s decision could impact not only Tesla owners but also trigger reporting to the European Union’s Safety Gate, alerting member states to potential suspension failures.

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