Tesla delivers 10,000th car in Israel setting two new records in the process

There are apparently a lot of eager Tesla fans in Israel as the automaker delivered its 10,000 car in the country this week. With the milestone delivery two new records were set.

The first deliveries in Israel began back in early 2021 when the first shipment of Model 3 cars from Fremont arrived at the Port of Ashdod in February, with the deliveries taking place a few weeks later in March.

Regular shipments from Fremont and then Giga Shanghai arrived in the country in the months that followed, growing further when the Model Y was added to the mix in Israel almost exactly a year later in early 2022.

All of those deliveries added up and the 10,000th delivery took place on November 15, 2022. The moment was celebrated by Tesla with six helium balloons and a two layer cake for the lucky new owners and others taking delivery that day, according to photos shared by @ConnectingODots on Twitter. (via Tesmanian)


While 10,000 doesn’t sound like a lot when we are used to hearing delivery numbers in the hundreds of thousands, the figure actually set two new records.

One of those records is that Tesla is the first automaker to sell 10,000 EVs in Israel.

The other more interesting record is that Israel is now the fastest country to reach 10,000 Tesla deliveries, a feat it accomplished in less than two years.

That is quicker than even the US, where deliveries were slow in the first few years as the company grew.

Tesla only sold around 2,450 Roadster 2008 to 2012. Meaningful sales volumes only started later with the launch of the Model S in 2013.

The number of Teslas in Israel is set to grow by another few thousand before the end of the year. Two shipments from China are arriving with around 2,500 cars each, all of which should be delivered to new owners before the year is out.

Tesla Israel expecting to import 5,000 cars before the end of the year

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