Manitoba NDP says it will offer up to $4k rebate on EV purchases

Credit: Tesla

The Opposition New Democrats (NDP) of Manitoba have promised up to CA$4,000 in rebate on new EV purchases should the party win the election slate for early October, as reported by CBC.

Party leader Wab Kinew added that used EV buyers would get $2,500 rebates.

This will be welcome news for Manitobans, who could save even more on their EVs when added to the existing $5,000 rebates by the Canadian federal government. However, the rebate’s actual worth depends on the EV type.

Apart from EV rebates, the NDP plans to sign a federal commitment protecting 30 percent of land and ocean by 2030. Under the current government, only 11 percent of Manitoba’s land and water are protected.

EVs remain popular in Canada, with Kia Canada selling out two rounds of reservations for its upcoming EV9.

In related news, Eco-West Canada has received $176,000 from the province of Manitoba to install EV chargers.

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