Tesla ending referral program in some countries

Tesla has announced it is ending its referral program in some countries. So far three countries appear to be impacted by the change – Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

In a message sent directly to owners through the mobile app, Tesla says referral benefits will be end on April 30, 2024. Orders placed before that date will be eligible for referral awards, regardless of when the vehicle is delivered.

While the message doesn’t explicitly say it, the wording of “benefits will be applied once they take delivery” means owners will still be able to redeem for rewards after April 30. It is unclear however how long redemptions for items such as Wall Connectors, apparel, and software upgrades will be allowed, but presumably Tesla will send another message similar to this giving owners a deadline to redeem.

So far there is no indication the program will similarly be ending in North America.

Tesla’s referral program has gone through many iterations over the years. In the early days the referral program was a key driver of sales, with the company awarding existing owners with generous awards like free wheel and tire sets, Powerwall units, and even a free Tesla Roadster (or two).

Tesla completely overhauled their referral program in late 2022 (mid 2023 for Canada), launching the Loot Box, a credit-based system where owners would earn a certain number of credits for a referral. Those credits could then be redeemed for vehicle accessories, software upgrades, and more.

The current program in North America gives owners 7,500 credits for a Model S, X, or Y referral. In return, buyers get a three month trial of FSD.

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