Tesla trims referral program awards and credits

Tesla has updated its referral program, and this time the awards for owners and buyers have been reduced, as the amount of credits you earn have gone down, and you can no longer get free Premium Connectivity.

On March 20th Tesla added a new award to the referral program, a 1 year Premium Connectivity subscription. A few days later we spotted a change to the referral page that hinted some other changes were coming soon. The landing page used to say “Order Tesla products through [this] Referral Link to earn awards like…”, but that was updated to “Order Tesla products through [this] Referral Link by April 1, 2024 to earn awards like…”, suggesting that as of that date the awards were going to change.

Unfortunately we were correct. The Premium Connectivity award was short lived, and Tesla also reduced the number of credits owners earn for each referral.

According to an update to the program yesterday, referrers now earn 7,500 credits, instead of the previous 10,000 credits. The Premium Connectivity subscription has also been removed altogether after only being available for less than two weeks.

Buyers, including loyalty buyers, still get their 3 month trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability if they use a referral code, and the new Model 3 is still ineligible for referral awards.

Unfortunately with this update to reduce the number of credits earned, Tesla did not reduce the number of credits required to redemption of products and services. You still need 10,000 credits, or 2 referrals, for a Factory Tour. The Wall Connector is also still 9,000 credits, and 3 months of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Capability is also still 10,000 credits.

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