Canadian startup AK Motor shows off Maple Majestic EV prototype, with a catch

Dubbed the Maple Majestic, a Canadian startup AK Motor wants to build an electric vehicle (EV) that will be “Canada’s flagship brand of automobiles on the world stage.”

The company says on its website the EV is designed to “excel in extreme climate performance without adversely affecting the climate, as befits a vehicle from Canada.”

To deal with Canadian winters and heavy snow, the car will have an adjustable suspension that can go as high as 11.4″ (29cm). AK Motor also said it will have a standard wheelbase of 3,100mm . For reference, the Tesla Model S has a wheelbase of 2,960mm.

When it comes to details of the EV prototype, that’s all there is. No mention of range, power, performance. Only that the car “may accommodate different battery sizes depending on the owner’s geographical location and driving habits.”

The reason for the lack of details is probably because they don’t actually have a prototype. Upon closer inspection, it looks like all they have is a toy car.

First spotted by The Drive, the video is a giveaway when you take a closer look. If the overall vibe of the video isn’t enough, when the camera zooms in on the Maple Leaf on the front quarter panel, the quality of the black line underneath shows it’s a toy.

Oh, and the door is very clearly sealed shut and does not open.

Maple Majestic

To be clear, nowhere in their press release do they say they have a working prototype. They do say they are “currently seeking partners in automotive engineering, parts manufacturing, automotive assembly, electric propulsion technology, battery technology, autonomous technology, and hybrid power generation technology.”

AK Motor and its founder Arkadiusz Kaminski may very well bring the Maple Majestic to market. But they might want to be a little more up-front when trying to lure investors.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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