Telstra makes groundbreaking deal to use Starlink for voice services in remote Australia

Telstra, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, has made the first agreement of its kind with SpaceX Starlink. This partnership will see Telstra offer voice-only services through Starlink satellites, becoming the first telecommunications providers worldwide to utilize Starlink’s satellite technology for voice services while also providing Starlink broadband to regional and remote areas of Australia.

The primary goal of the partnership is to address the connectivity challenges faced by individuals living in rural and remote parts of Australia, where traditional copper lines for phones are degraded or unfeasible to install. By installing a Starlink kit on customers’ roofs, Telstra will be able to connect their home phones via Starlink.

“Telstra is always looking to invest in new and better connectivity options for our customers. We know that collaborating with the right partners is one of the best ways to help unlock a digital future, in this case for people in rural and remote Australia looking for an improved voice or broadband service,” said CEO of Telstra Vicki Brady.

Brady added the company has conducted extensive testing and trials of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology across the country to determine the most effective solutions for both consumer and business customers, and that was Starlink.

Specific pricing and plans for this service are not yet available, although Telstra aims to announce them closer to the launch, which is anticipated later this year.

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