Tesla Cybertruck tour heads to Japan

Tesla has announced that the Cybertruck is coming to Japan, with the electric pickup truck scheduled to be in the country for most of the month of February.

The Cybertruck launched in the US late last year, and is so far the only market where it is currently being delivered to customers. Canadians are eagerly awaiting news on its arrival north of the border, with timing and pricing for Canada still unannounced. The company has however brought more than a dozen Cybertrucks to Canada for testing, and for display at various showrooms across the country.

The only country outside of North America where the Cybertruck is currently on display is China, where it has been visiting various locations since last month. Now Tesla is taking the Cybertrucks to another Asian nation, this time to Japan.

According to a post from the official Tesla Japan account on X, the Cybertruck has already arrived in Japan, and is scheduled to stay in the country until February 29, 2024. Not many details were provided with post, other than a video of a Cybertruck being offloaded from a plane, and the caption, “A new experience. Unprecedented car.” (translated from Japanese)

There was also a link to an event page, where customers could sign up to receive updates about the Cybertruck. There was also the date range of February 6 to February 29 of when the Cybertruck will be in the country. Presumably the Cybertruck will visit various Japanese locations during this time, and there may even be more than one on display. According to Tesla’s website, there are currently 10 retail stores across the island nation.

China and Japan are not the only countries where the Cybertruck will go on display. As we reported yesterday, the Cybertruck is also expected to arrive in Germany this spring. As for whether the Cybertruck will actually ever go on sale in these markets is still up in the air. Before the Cybertrucks arrived in China, Elon Musk said that making it road legal in that country would be very difficult.

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