Tesla Cybertruck displays might be coming to China

The Tesla Cybertruck draws a lot of attention, but it might soon draw a level of attention not seen before as the electric pickup truck could soon be on display in China.

While the Cybertruck might be making an appearing in China soon, this does not mean it will be going on sale anytime soon, if ever.

Ever since the Cybertruck’s debut in 2019, its polarizing design has led to massive levels of interest. A perfect example of this was when the first Cybertrucks went on display in Canada, with long lineups awaiting those who wanted to get an up-close look at it for the first time.

Those lineup might pale in comparison to what we witness in China. Over the weekend CEO Elon Musk replied to Tesla China enthusiast @ray4tesla on X, saying the company “could ship some prototypes over for display.”

However it wasn’t all good news. In the same post, Musk said it would “very difficult” for the Cybertruck to deemed road legal in China, tempering expectations for Chinese fans who have placed a reservation.

Despite Musk’s comments on the future of the Cybertruck in China, the company still has a dedicated Cybertruck page on the Chinese version of the company’s website. However, they are no longer taking reservations, with the only option being able to sign up for updates.

In mid-2020 Tesla began taking reservations for the Cybertruck in China, with the website allowing customers to pick from the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), All-Wheel Drive (AWD), and Tri-motor variants for ¥1,000. Based on @ray4tesla‘s comments and Musk’s reply, it looks like Tesla is still holding on to reservation holder deposits, indicating they might still think the Cybertruck has a chance of making its way to China.

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