Tesla Cybertruck Could Appear in Germany this Spring

The Tesla Cybertruck is due to arrive in Germany this spring for a demonstration. The pickup truck tour is an excellent advertising move that will attract many local consumers. However, the possibility of Cybertruck being approved for European roads is still in question.

According to information provided by @andre4fink/X, Tesla Cybertruck will be presented at the company’s largest delivery center in Europe, in Holzgerlingen, Germany. The pickup truck should arrive for display this spring, although the exact date is unknown. Andre did not provide details about the source of the information, but in light of the fact that Tesla sent the Cybertruck on a tour of China, this news seems quite real.

At the moment, Cybertruck is sold only in the USA. Previously, orders for Europe and China were open but were closed several months ago. The sale of pickup trucks in these markets is still in question, as the legalization of such a large vehicle for driving on the roads of those countries is problematic. According to Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy, Cybertruck does not meet the required safety parameters in Europe due to its shape. Meanwhile, in China, driving pickup trucks has many strict restrictions, so the country is not a favorable market.

Nonetheless, Tesla sent Cybertruck on a national tour in China, starting demonstrations in eight cities at once. They attracted a lot of attention from local consumers, who lined up to check out the unique pickup truck. Even if Tesla does not officially start selling Cybertruck in China, there may still be consumers who want to deliver it privately. The same is true for the European market, where there will be consumers who will be willing to go through the trouble to get their hands on the steel beast, even if Tesla does not begin official sales.

In addition, the Cybertruck demonstration is excellent advertising for Tesla. It is expected that it will be shown in many European countries. The futuristic pickup truck attracts increased attention from consumers and encourages them to become more interested in other company products. Thus, this could stimulate sales of other Tesla cars that are available for purchase in Europe.

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