Tesla Cybertruck Production Could Have Already Surpassed 100 Units

Tesla Cybertruck production could already have reached 100 units, observations show. Given the speed of production and the likely buildup, the pickup truck’s ramp progress observers forecast at least 3,000 units in 2023 but expect much more.

The Cybertruck is a highly anticipated Tesla product and its first deliveries should be coming soon. In recent weeks, there have been many reports of trucks carrying Cybertrucks being seen in various states across the US. In addition, sightings at Giga Texas indicate that the site often has completed units in preparation for transportation. Some observers who operate drones have managed to film them being loaded onto trucks.

All these numerous observations make it clear that Tesla has already been able to significantly increase the production of Cybertruck. @MatthewDR/X, who has repeatedly shared inside Tesla information that turned out to be true, revealed last Saturday that the company “has now built 100 Cybertrucks at Giga Texas.” He was confident enough in his statement but did not mention the source of the information.

Tesla announced in mid-July that it had manufactured its first Cybertruck at Giga Texas. Since then, we have begun to notice the units produced more and more often. Although production ramp-up is slow, this is not surprising. During the Q2 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk noted that Cybertruck’s production ramp-up will be slow this year. However, he expects large production volumes next year.

For now, Cybertruck’s production ramp-up seems good. According to @greggertruck/X, Tesla will produce about 3,000 units in 2023. He notes that this forecast is very conservative and it seems to him that the company will increase production at a much faster pace.

In the meantime, it seems that Tesla has already begun to prepare for the event to deliver its first Cybertrucks. While the first ceremony is expected to take place for employees, the second is scheduled for the end of Q3 for the company’s clients. On August 24, Tesla added a new referral program reward: an invitation to attend its upcoming Cybertruck Delivery Event. It will cost 30,000 credits. Although this is quite a high cost, many of the company’s customers have already begun to actively work to collect the required amount.

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