Tesla starts giving out Cybertruck delivery event invitations through the referral program

Tesla has launched a new award for the referral program, giving owners the opportunity to attend the Cybertruck delivery event. Unfortunately Canadians are once again left out in the cold as the offer is only open to US Tesla owners.

According to an update to the Tesla mobile app, owners can redeem 30,000 credits for an invitation to the Cybertruck delivery event, confirming it will take place at Giga Texas. That equates to using credits from either three Model 3 or Model Y referrals at 10,000 credits each, or one Model S/X referral at 20,000 points and one Model 3/Y referral. When compared to other referral awards and their dollar per credit value, that puts the “price” of a Cybertruck delivery event ticket at around US$3,700 using a midpoint value, or about $1,850 per person.

The product description reveals that redeeming this number of credits will get you an invitation with a plus one, and that invitations are limited and being given out first come first served. However if you miss out Tesla does say they will release additional tickets as the event approaches.

There is one glaring detail missing however – when the delivery event will take place. Elon Musk has previously said he hopes to hold the event towards the end of Q3, or in other words late next month. All signs are pointing to this date being achievable as Giga Texas has been ramping up and is now producing ‘production candidate’ Cybertrucks.

There does still appear to be some work required before deliveries can start as a leaked email from Musk to employees from earlier today shows build quality might not yet be up to the CEO’s standards.

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