Tesla Cybertruck production at Giga Texas gains momentum

Tesla’s production ramp for the Cybertruck appears to be gaining momentum as more Cybertrucks are starting to pile up outside Giga Texas. The most recent drone flyover shows over 100 units have accumulated outside the factory and are waiting to be shipped off to Delivery Centers across the US.

Tesla started production of the Cybertruck last year, delivering the first 10 units during a special event at Giga Texas on November 30, 2023. More than four years after the initial unveiling, and more than two years after it was supposed to be released, reservation holders were eager to take delivery, but Elon Musk warned that the production ramp would be slow due to the vehicle’s manufacturing complexity.

During the company’s Q3 earnings call, Musk said “I do want to emphasize there will be enormous challenges in reaching volume with the Cybertruck,” adding that “we dug our own grave with Cybertruck, the ramp is going to be extremely difficult. There’s no way around that.”

Despite these challenges, the Cybertruck production ramp appears to be going smoothly so far. For the first time over 100 Cybertrucks were spotted at various spots around Giga Texas on Tuesday, as noted by drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer.

According to Tesla’s Q4 2023 shareholder deck, Cybertruck production capacity at Giga Texas is currently less than 125,000 units, but according to Musk the company is aiming for 250,000 units at volume production.

Unfortunately none of these Cybertrucks are destined for Canada. The company is still only selling Foundation Series Cybertrucks to select customers in the US. According to statements made during the last earnings call, Canadians might have to wait until 2025 at the earliest before deliveries begin north of the border.

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