Tesla Cybertruck’s Wade Mode gets first test in deep water

The Tesla Cybertruck is finally rolling off the assembly lines, and one early owner is putting the electric pickup truck’s Wade Mode to the test. Taras Maksimuk of the YouTube channel TechRax drove his Cybertruck into deep water, and it performed well.

While not many Cybertruck owners will deliberately drive their battery-powered truck into deep waters, they can rest assured their truck can handle water very well, according to the results of the test carried out by Maksimuk, popular on YouTube for testing different items in extreme conditions.

The Cybertruck has a Wade Mode for navigating shallow waters by raising the air suspension, and the battery is pressurized with assistance from the air suspension to help keep sensitive systems dry. In this test, Maksimuk opted for fairly deep water as the Cybertruck could be seen making its way through a flooded area, with only the top above water.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has talked about a Boat Mode several times, but the feature is yet to be available. However, other owners have driven their Teslas through the flooded roads before with no harm done.

Maksimuk had earlier tested his Cybertruck by hurling a steel ball at the window. Unlike the embarrassing bat-to-window situation during the truck’s reveal ceremony, the YouTuber’s truck took the steel ball in its stride.

You can watch the video of the water test below:

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