Tesla Cybertruck Front Crumple Zone Designed with Safety in Mind

Tesla Cybertruck’s front crumple zone is designed with safety in mind. Public concerns that it was too short were rebutted by the company in a clarification published on X.

The first thing that can be said about Cybertruck is that its appearance is completely different from any car currently on the market. If you dig deeper, you will find that it is made of atypical material. The body of the electric pickup truck is made of a special cold-rolled steel alloy that was developed by Tesla and SpaceX, which gives it extraordinary strength.

Due to its unusual appearance and the materials from which it was made, the public expressed concerns about its safety. As noted earlier, the front end of Cybertruck is much shorter than that of other pickup trucks. This raised concerns about how its front crumple zone would work to protect against frontal collision. In a crash test video shown by Tesla during the Delivery Event, it was seen that after a collision, the Cybertruck remained in good condition. It also fueled concerns about how the vehicle would absorb the force of a crash.

Tesla decided to dispel public doubts about the safety of Cybertruck occupants in a head-on collision. The company shared the information on X, attaching a video to the post. Tesla explained exactly how the front crumple zone works during an accident, emphasizing that the main thing is not the size of the crumple zone, but how to use it correctly. The manufacturer said that during the production of Cybertruck, the front underbody casting is designed to break into small pieces when strong pressure is applied. This ensures a reduced impact on vehicle occupants by absorbing and dispensing energy.

Tesla’s constant drive to be innovative and to improve its cars and their manufacturing process makes the company so special and its cars so desirable. The single-piece castings used to produce Model Y and Cybertruck are a work of art. Thanks to this development, Tesla avoided using dozens of parts, replacing them with only one. Of course, this became possible thanks to a special alloy developed by the company and SpaceX, which provides the necessary properties.

Tesla has a reputation for making the safest cars on the road around the world. Without any doubt, it knows a lot about vehicle safety and applies its knowledge to any vehicle it produces. While we still have a lot of details to learn about crash testing and how Cybertruck performs during real-world crashes, it is clear that—like all other Tesla vehicles—it was designed with safety in mind.

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