Tesla Cybertruck Arrives in Europe

The Tesla Cybertruck has arrived in Europe. The steel beast has been delivered to Giga Berlin, but it will also possibly be shown at a delivery center.

According to reports, Tesla delivered the Cybertruck to its German factory on Monday morning. Several company employees and enthusiasts shared impressive unboxing photos of the huge pickup truck. This Cybertruck is officially the first to arrive in Europe.


The electric pickup truck was delivered in a huge wooden container, which took some time to unpack. However, during this time, dozens of employees gathered around the impressive new product to see the Cybertruck with their own eyes. The steel beast is really large in size, which can be clearly seen when comparing it with the people standing around.

The arrival of Cybertruck in Europe was expected. In early February, Drive Tesla reported that the pickup truck would be delivered to Germany in the spring. According to information available at the time, it would be shown for consumer display at the company’s largest delivery center in Europe, in Holzgerlingen, Germany.

For now, Cybertruck is only sold in the US and could soon be available in Canada. Last week, Rohan Patel, Tesla’s Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development, said the company was working hard to approve the pickup truck for sale in the country, and the paperwork for it would be “wrapped up soon.”

The sale of Cybertruck on the European market is still in question. The point is that the legalization of such a large car for driving on the roads of this region’s countries is problematic. Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy said earlier that the pickup truck does not meet the required safety parameters in Europe due to its shape.

For now, the Cybertruck demonstration in Europe is a publicity stunt that could attract hundreds, if not thousands of consumers to Tesla products. Although the Cybertruck itself may not be available for mass sale in Europe, its demonstration will certainly draw attention.

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