Tesla cuts prices in Taiwan and Korea

The wave of Tesla price cuts is blowing across the whole world. After causing an unprecedented increase in attention and forcing the competition to respond in China, the EV maker is introducing lower prices in Taiwan and South Korea.

Tapei Times reports Tesla has announced price cuts in Taiwan to boost demand. The Model Y Performance edition, one of its best-selling vehicles in the Asian country, dropped in price by NT$220,000 (US$7,402) to about NT$2.38 million. The new price is already reflected on the company’s Taiwanese website.

The Model Y Long Range shed NT$180,000 (US$6,056) to sell at NT$2.12 million.

The Model 3 RWD was reduced by NT$60,000 (US$2,020) and now goes for NT$1.7 million. Buyers can now get the Model 3 Long Range and Performance for NT$2.08 million and NT$2.27 million, respectively. This means buyers pay NT$149,100 (US$5,016) and NT$200,000 (US$6,729) less, respectively.

Tesla said the price cuts would apply to orders that have not yet been delivered. The brand sold more than 3,500 Model Ys in Taiwan last December.

South Korean buyers, too, will enjoy a significant reduction in prices, as posted by @Teslachan on Twitter.


The Model 3 RWD has seen a price drop to KRW59.9 million from KRW64.34 million, while the Model 3 Performance now costs KRW75.59 million instead of KRW88.17.

The Model Y LR dropped from $84.99 million to $77.89 million, while the Performance version dropped to KRW82.69 from KRW 94.73 million.

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