Clark County Fire Department trains inside The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop

The Clark County Fire Department showed off its Technical Rescue Team training in The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop.

According to News 3 Las Vegas, the drill simulated the rescue of an injured worker within the tunnel. These exercises are typical for any major construction project as they allow rescue workers to work out kinks in their rescue plans.

This is not the first time the fire department has done drills in the Vegas Loop.

A Boring Company tweet noted the regular training drills ensure the Loop is safe and reliable.

It is unclear what other drills the Clark County Fire Department has done in the Las Vegas Loop, but we can assume they have done anything from accidents to fire.

The Vegas Loop project is still under construction and will be for a few more years. The goal of the Boring Company is to open up dozens of stops that connect the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas. It will also connect people to the existing Las Vegas Convention Center line.

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