Rivian developing an electric bike

Courtesy of buducnostsrbijeav

Rivian may be laying off workers to reduce operating costs, but that has not stopped it from developing new products. The Illinois-based startup is developing an electric bike, as reported by The Orange County Register.

At a company-wide meeting, CEO RJ Scaringe revealed the upcoming addition to Rivian’s product lineup. He added that a small group of engineers is working on the project.

Scaringe, however, did not disclose whether the product is a battery-powered motorcycle or bicycle. However, Rivian has secured patents for e-bike designs and components.

Scaringe alluded to an e-bike last October at a conference. He said his company was considering a move into the micro-mobility sector. However, it wasn’t until Friday that he disclosed an actual product was in development.

Rivian has three EV models in production. It sells the electric R1T pickup and R1S SUV, in addition to battery-powered electric vans for Amazon, a significant backer. The startup operates from Normal, Illinois, but is constructing a second plant in Georgia.

Rivian has been accused of moving newer, more expensive orders ahead of the queue. It had an eventful January, including losing key executives and getting the go-ahead to continue selling directly to customers in Illinois.